// Luis//

Luis is from Guatemala, he is 25 years old. For some years he has been living alone in Chiapas.  He lived with Sara working in a beach close from there; an important girl which name he got tattooed in his right leg.

After that, he had to lived in the streets, with very little work to do, especially for a vulnerable boy living abroad with no legal papers to regularize his migration status in México. It is well known that you have to be a strong warrior to survive in the streets. Once, he said to me he really liked Chiapas, vast nature, enchanting landscapes and very nice people.

 He was born in the countryside and he liked it, so he easily found a “perm” job in the country. Two years ago when his job ended, he moved to Tapachula. Very different realities exist between the city and the country, “in the man´s society, even the best one could loose” and in the cities, the men´s worst evil is revealed.

 Maybe because he was used to the country he resulted to be a naive in the city, and those difficulties led him to become an alcoholic.

A year ago he was assalted in broad daylight, the day he decided not to go to work. ”I got nothing” he replied while one attacker took a machete out. First hit on the wrist cutting the bone, second hit on his forehead, third one behind his neck. His survival was a miracle, but lost his left hand functionality.

 His situation remained the same, some days he got little jobs, but still living in the streets of Tapachula, finding no alternatives. One night he took refugee in an under construction abandoned house. It had nothing, not even the roof was finished, and as in the country or in the streets, he passed another night under the stars. He woke up in the middle of the night with his legs burning in fire. 

“They set me fire” he said. Someone saw him and threw gasoline and a match on him.

 Luis has significant burns all over his legs. He was also acussed of robbery of an abandoned house, but no one filed a complaint.

He was rescued by the shelter Jesús el buen pastor 8 days ago. With no money at all, his treatment consists in Neem infusions, a plant with amazing healing properties, but he might need dermatological attention.

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Images Nicola Fríoli © 2014